Taylor Drift? Online balloting for Hamilton’s 2024 Name That Plow Contest ends Sunday


Published January 25, 2024 at 3:14 pm

It was a Hamilton rock icon that captured the imagination of Hamiltonians in a name-that-plow contest last year, with Arkells frontman Max Kerman immortalized by a massive margin with Max Kermanator taking top honours.

This year other music legends might also get their names emblazoned on the back of a plow, with Taylor Drift and Sled Zeppelin among the 20 names to choose from. Just like last year, ten names will be selected.

More than 26,000 ballots were submitted in 2023, with Max Kermanator earning a whopping 18,723 votes – more than double all other votes combined.

In second spot was Plowy McPlowface with 2,167 votes, with CTRL-SALT-DELETE in third with 1,139.

Also cracking the top ten in 2023 and earning immortality was Clearopathra (868), Icekee Wee Wee (845), The Big Leplowski (664), HAMBONI (630), Betty Whiteout (496), Mr. Plow (403) and Plowasaurus (340).

This year’s choices range are top-heavy with names from entertainment, pop culture, movies and television, with Plowabunga, Better Call Salt, and Darth Blader among the favourites.

Local names are also prominent, with Cootes Plowadise, Ham-MELT-on, IceKee Waa Waa (back from last year) and Mountain Plow Blvd among the 20 choices. Also worth considering is Brrr-ito, Holy MackinTHAW and It Snow Problem.

As the City’s Transportation Division, which clears more than 6,518 lane kilometres of roadway, 866 kilometres of sidewalks, 244 kilometres of bike lanes and 2,365 bus stops after each snowfall, put it in announcing this year’s contest, “snow clearing in Hamilton is serious business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun.”

The contest opened January 12 with the online vote ending this weekend and the winners announced January 29.

For more information, visit Name the Plow Contest


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