Hamilton’s Mohawk College ranks as 7th best research college in Canada


Published December 7, 2023 at 11:44 am

Mohawk College in Hamilton receives $2.6 million for new research projects

Hamilton’s Mohawk College is the seventh-best research college in the country and the third-best in Ontario according to a new ranking from publication Canada’s Innovation Leaders. 

The college conducts its applied research in its Ideaworks lab. Established 12 years ago, Ideaworks once ranked down at 33rd in the rankings. However, the lab has reversed its fortunes in recent years, ranking in the top ten for four of the last five annual lists.
This ranking includes high marks in each of the considered categories Research Partnerships, Paid Student Researchers and industry research income.

“Partnership and innovation are key elements of our success as a national applied research centre,” said Mohawk College President and CEO Ron J. McKerlie, “Working with more than 200 partners, the IDEAWORKS research teams are breaking new ground with community organizations and providing regional companies with a competitive advantage in regional, national, and international markets. At the same time, we provided 174 student researchers with field-tested experience with some of the most advanced technology available.”

Not only was the college ranked seventh overall, it also scored highly as;

  • 2nd in Industry Research Income from 2018 to 2023, raising more than $21.8 million
  • 2nd in Industry Research Income as a Percentage of Total College Research Income with Industry grants and contracts representing 46.5% of total research income
  • 2nd in Research Partnerships with 224 partners in 2022, and
  • 3rd in Paid Student Researchers, employing 174 students in 2022.

“These strong rankings serve as validation of the expertise and commitment our research teams bring to every project IDEAWORKS undertakes with our partners,” said Dean of Applied Research Cristina Gage. “We thank all our partners for their support. Through innovation and collaboration, we are developing, prototyping, and commercializing new products, processes and technologies.”

The overall top ten is;

  1. Niagara College
  2. Cégep de Trois-Rivières
  3. Lambton College
  4. Olds College
  5. British Columbia Institute of Technology
  6. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  7. Mohawk College
  8. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  9.  Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and
  10. Cégep de Thetford

In Ontario Brampton’s Sheridan College (12), Toronto’s Humber College (15), Seneca College (16) and Centennial College (23), Kitchener’s Conestoga College (17) and Oshawa’s Durham College (19) all made the top 25 list.

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