Hamilton set to install more red light cameras


Published May 2, 2023 at 3:23 pm

The city of Hamilton is getting 10 new red light cameras, in an effort to reduce traffic related fatalities.

Hamilton’s public works department has revealed the location for 10 new permanent red light cameras, as well as 20 locations where drivers may see one of the city’s two automated speed enforcement (ASE) cameras.

According to city camera data and the annual traffic safety report, nearly 20,000 vehicles passed through red light cameras in 2022.

Over 19 fatal motor vehicle collisions occurred in Hamilton last year, leaving 24 people dead.

photo radar MIssissauga

Speaking to city councilors, the committee said that the red light cameras will be installed this year and are set to bring the city-wide total to 52. These cameras will be deployed in areas around Cannon Street and Wentworth, as well as Burlington Street East at Ottawa North.

“We look at the speed data before we put a camera in a location … and afterward, we do see some residual effect after the camera has left indicating that there’s some degree of driver behaviour change in those locations,” said Mike Field, acting director of Transportation Operations.

The ASE units, also known as “photo radar,” will be placed in their new locations until the end of 2025. The average stay of any ASE at a particular location will also now be extended from one month to two months.

The two programs are part of a Vision Zero road safety campaign to help reduce fatalities and serious injuries on roads.

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