Hamilton residents can help paint new ‘Dynamic Symbol of Access’ at Chedoke Twin Pad Arena


Published July 24, 2023 at 7:24 pm

Courtesy: Hamilton Health Sciences

To make public spaces more accessible, the City of Hamilton and local community support groups are set to host a ‘Painting Party.’

Aimed to paint ‘Dynamic Symbols of Access’ on accessible parking spaces at Chedoke Twin Pad Arena, the event will take place on July 27 at 10 a.m., at 91 Chedmac Dr.

“The symbol serves as a call to action, urging Hamilton’s residents and beyond to move beyond mere table talk and translate words into tangible progress,” according to the City of Hamilton’s press release.

Ward 14 Councillor Mike Spadafora, Anthony Frisina, an accessibility and inclusion advocate and author of ‘Above and Beyond,’ and Mayor Andrea Horwath are expected to attend this event.

“Currently, there are a number of accessible parking spots already located at the front of Chedoke Arena.”

“Frisina approached Councillor Spadafora and had a conversation to bring the new and inclusive dynamic symbol to our city, in which the Councillor suggested having an event at Chedoke Twin Pad Arena,” a City official said in an email to intheHammer.com. 

The ‘dynamic symbol of access’ is inclusive and transforms the current symbol, to ensure dignity and respect for many disabilities alike.

It also sheds light on the importance of the unofficially recognized “Disability Pride Month” every July, moving the conversation forward.

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