Hamilton launches first anti-islamophobia campaign during Islamic Heritage Month


Published October 3, 2023 at 8:53 pm

Courtesy: Islamophobia At Work-Report-

October is recognized as Islamic Heritage Month in Canada.

In an effort to foster peace and inclusivity, the city of Hamilton launched the ‘Salam Hamilton’ campaign today (Oct. 3) and is co-organized by members of Muslim communities across Hamilton.

It seeks to strike a balance between celebration and awareness while addressing the critical issues of hate and intolerance.

According to the City, Salam Hamilton is an educational endeavour aimed at informing the public and confronting racism, with a particular focus on challenging Islamophobia and its tangible impacts on the daily lives of Muslim residents in Hamilton.

Honoured to be standing alongside the #HamOnt Muslim community today as we launched the City of Hamilton’s first ever anti-Islamophobia campaign,” said Mayor Andrea Horwath in a tweet. 

In recent years, Hamilton has, like many other communities in Canada, witnessed a troubling increase in hate crimes, some of which have been targeted toward the Muslim community.

“The goal of this campaign is two-fold – to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the Muslim community while also raising awareness about important issues of hate and tolerance,” Mayor Horwath added.

The word “Salam” translates to “peace” and serves as a universal greeting that seeks to bridge hearts, promote understanding, and nurture a sense of kinship.

The campaign planning group deliberately chose this theme to encapsulate the spirit of inclusivity and compassion that defines both Hamilton as a city and the rich Islamic heritage that contributes to its diverse tapestry.

By promoting a deeper understanding of diverse cultures, the campaign aspires to build bridges of peace and harmony in the Hamilton community.

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