Flooding dangers near Hamilton’s creeks and valleys from snow, rain and frozen soil conditions


Published January 9, 2024 at 11:52 am

Hamilton floodwaters 2023

The Hamilton Conservation Authority is warning of potentially dangerous flooding conditions near creeks, rivers and other low-lying areas because of snow and rain forecasted for the week, coupled with mostly frozen soil conditions.

Water levels and flows in all local watercourses are expected to increase dramatically this week, as is the potential for flooding because of the “significant amounts of rain runoff” that may occur with the frozen soil conditions.

Flooding of low-lying areas is typical during higher water levels but there is “considerable uncertainty” as to the amount of runoff that will occur, the conservation authority said in a statement.

Residents are being asked to exercise caution near all water bodies and structures such as bridges, culverts and dams during this time.

“Above normal water levels, faster moving water, rapidly changing levels and flows, unsafe ice, and slippery banks may pose significant hazards. Adults are advised to keep children and pets away from water bodies.”

The Hamilton area is expected to receive between 25 and 40 mm of precipitation as a mixture of snow and rain today (January 9) and water levels and flows are already slightly elevated above normal baseflows.

The Flood Watch message is in effect until Friday January 12, at which time it will either be updated or cancelled.

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