‘Darth Blader,’ ‘Taylor Drift’ among Hamilton’s winning snow plow names


Published February 2, 2024 at 4:44 pm

Hamilton has christened ten new snowplows after its 2024 naming contest, with a local sports icon and an international music superstar topping the list.

The city hosts its naming contest every year. This time it announced the lastest batch of winners on Feb. 2 following an open public poll.

This year the top ten include;

  1. Snomoni Lawrence
  2. Taylor Drift
  3. Say it Ain’t Snow
  4. Plowabunga
  5. Fast & Flurrious
  6. Coote’s Plowadise
  7. Better Call Salt
  8. Holy MackinTHAW
  9. Sled Zeppelin
  10. Darth Blader

This year saw a steep decline in votes, however. In 2023, more than 27,000 people voted in the naming contest but there year only a little more than 4,000 participated.

That years also resulted in ten punny names including;

  1. Max Kermanator
  2. Plowy McPlowface
  4. Clearopathra
  5. Icekee Wee Wee
  6. The Big Leplowski
  8. Betty Whiteout
  9. Mr. Plow
  10. Plowasaurus
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